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Zimmerman Walker & Monitz LLP is a business law firm that specializes in civil litigation.  The firm’s litigation practice represents clients in all forms of dispute resolution, including arbitrations, mediations, trials and appeals, in both state and federal courts.  The firm’s varied litigation practice emphasizes the areas of commercial transactions, real estate, intellectual property, entertainment, construction defects and health care and encompasses a diverse clientele ranging from publicly traded corporations to individuals.

What we offer our clients is goal-oriented representation by sophisticated, experienced lawyers at reasonable rates.  The firm is capable of handling any size matter, in any court, anywhere, with attorneys who are both professionally and personally committed to the client.  Our objective is to bring matters to a successful and expeditious conclusion, without waste and redundant staffing, in the belief that clients want progress, not a grinding process.  To that end, we are committed to providing our clients a prompt, efficient, successful  resolution at a fair and economical price. 

The firm is devoted to utilizing the latest office and litigation support technologies.  By intelligent use of such technology to search, organize and display evidence, we are able to efficiently and effectively present a client’s case, as well as share information both internally and with our clients, remembering always that the client is an integral member of the successful legal management team.  The firm’s policy is to keep clients informed every step of the way and we value and encourage the client’s input throughout the matter.  We believe that every communication from a client is valuable and deserves a prompt and thoughtful response. 

The firm recognizes that every client’s financial situation is unique and we are responsive to our clients’ financial limitations.  The firm employs a flexible billing approach and is open to billing arrangements that serve the mutual interests of both attorney and client, including hourly fees, contingent fees, reduced hourly fees with a contingent component, or bonus billing.

Above all, Zimmerman Walker & Monitz consists of devoted professionals who seek to serve our clients professionally and expeditiously.  Every client and every case is important to us and we are is dedicated to the challenge of bringing every matter to a successful conclusion.

The following are some typical areas in which Zimmerman Walker & Monitz has represented clients:

General Corporate, Partnership and Business Transactions.  Corporate and partnership dissolutions; corporate acquisition and accounting disputes; shareholder disputes; securities fraud; wrongful termination; breach of contract; agency and venture capital commission disputes; antitrust; and business torts, including fraud, unfair business practices, interference with contract and prospective economic advantage.

Real Estate.  Commercial unlawful detainer; breach of lease; agency and commission disputes; construction defects; and specific performance of real estate purchase agreements.

Intellectual Property.  Copyright, trademark and patent disputes; record piracy; movie credit and contract rights; music and literary copyright infringement; net profit audits and accounting disputes; recording artist publishing disputes; artist manager disputes; sampling; copyright tribunal issues and licensing disputes; and actor’s guild arbitrations.

Health Care.  Medical staff rights and privileges; medical group hospital contracts; quasi-judicial administrative hearings; exclusivity and reimbursement disputes; medical group dissolutions; medical management and employment disputes.

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